Yes i DO believe in fairies

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Tom Hiddleston
May I feel


Tom, please stop or one day I will kidnap you..

Tom reading ‘May I feel By E. E. Cummings’ :)

My ovaries just exploded :/

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Animal Kingdom Lyrics!!


Hi again,

I have seen Parrots (direct descendants from Dinosaurs as all birds are) this morning on my walk to work here in Melbourne. It made me think I should share the lyrcis to Animal Kingdom!!

The lyric video is HERE

But for learning:

Friendships. Move like flocking birds.


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The further she drifted away,
the sharper the lines he drew,
until his pen cut through paper
and scratched her portrait,
into the top of his desk,
just as he’d last seen her
walking away from him:
all kinds of curves and darkness.
Peregrine (via youreyesblazeout)